Med. Cruise -  Jan - Jun 1954
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Coxswain Bob Hamlin, part of the Sitkin Ball Team & Shore Patrol
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Part  of 1st  Division


Carpenter, Delia, Alaperti

Vince Carpency, Digne-les-Bains, France - '54
Digne-les-Bains, France





Relaxing underway

Solar, Spain - '54

Intersection, Nice, France - '54

Park - Nice, France - '54

Cruisers Pittsburg & Albany

USS Pittsburg (CA-72)

UNREP with USS Aldebaran (AF-10) - '54

USS Hornet (CV-12)

USS Hornet (CV-12) making approach for rearming

USS Tidewater (AD-31) departing after UNREP

USS Wrangell (AE-12)

Great Sitkin & Wrangell
pier side - '54
 The following pictures were extracted from the actual 1954 Mediterranean Cruise Book

       The Crew at Work

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1st Division
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2nd Division
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3rd Division
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4th Division
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5th Division
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6th Division
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7th Division
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8th Division
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X Division

       Liberty Call !

   Brooklyn Navy Yard - Nov. 1954

USS Dominant (MSO-431) across from us at Brooklyn Navy Yard Pier

Brooklyn Navy Yard

New York skyline from fantail

Great Sitkin pierside at
Brooklyn Navy Yard

Looking Aft from the bow

Look aft from the Fwd 3" gun mounts - (20mm in center?)

NY Harbour & 5" gun on fantail



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