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Ammunition Ships  
USS Pyro (AE-1) USS  Nitro (AE-2) USS Lassen (AE-3)
USS Mount Baker (AE-4) USS  Rainier (AE-5) USS Shasta (AE-6)
( No AE-7 found) USS Mauna Loa (AE-8) USS Mazama (AE-9)
USS Sangay (AE-10) USS Mount Hood (AE-11) USS  Wrangell (AE-12)
USS Akutan (AE-13) USS Firedrake (AE-14) USS Vesuvius (AE-15)
USS Mount Katmai (AE-16) USS Great Sitkin (AE-17) USS Paricutin (AE-18)
USS Diamond Head (AE-19) USS Fomalhaut (AE-20) USS Suribachi (AE-21)
USS Mauna Kea (AE-22) USS Nitro (AE-23) USS Pyro (AE-24)
USS Haleakela (AE-25) USS Kilauea (AE-26) USS  Butte (AE-27) [also shown as USNS Butte (T-AE-27)]
USS Santa Barbara (AE-28) [also shown as USNS Santa Barbara [T-AE-28] USS  Mount Hood (AE-29) [also shown as USNS Mount Hood (T-AE-29)] USS Virgo (AE-30)
USS  Chara (AKA-58/AE-31) USS Flint (AE-32) USS  Shasta (AE-33) [also shown as USNS Shasta (T-AE-33)]
USS Mount Baker (AE-34) [also shown as USNS Mount Baker (T-AE-34)] USS Kiska (AE-35)  
USS  Sacramento (AOE-1) USS  Camden (AOE-2) USS  Seattle (AOE-3)
USS  Detroit (AOE-4)   USS  Supply (AOE-6)
USS  Rainier (AOE-7) USS Arctic (AOE-8)  
USS  Bridge (AOE-10)    
Military Sealift Command     
USNS  Kilauea (T-AE-26) USNS  Santa Barbara (T-AE-28) USNS  Flint (T-AE-32)
USNS  Shasta (T-AE-33) USNS  Mount Baker (T-AE-34) USNS  Kiska (T-AE-35)
Other Navy Related Sites    
Official website of the U.S. Navy COMNAVSURFLANT COMNAVSURFPAC
U.S. Navy History   Naval Vessel Register
United States Maritime Commission - C2 type ships NavSource Navy History Shift Colors 
(Newsletter for Navy Retirees)
Haze Gray & Underway -
Naval History and Photography
Naval Weapons Hyperwar
Other Ship's    
USS Luce (DLG-7) (DDG-38)   USS Newport News (CA-148)  
 Veteran Organizations & misc. info sites    
AE Sailors Association The Goat Locker 
 (Chief Petty Officer's Website)
Armed Forces Retirement Homes  -
US Naval Home, Gulf Port, MS The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA)
 City of Bayonne, NJ   MOTBY
(Military Ocean Terminal Bayonne)


Great Sitkin, Aleutian Islands, Alaska


Great Sitkin Volcano

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