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Fall 2008                                                                                                                                                             1 August, 2008

Association Officers

Ron Zimmerman Sr.
474 SW Prater Ave.
Port St. Lucie, FL  34953
(772) 621-4016

Vice President
Jim Dunno
272 Stone Hedge Row
Johnstown,  OH  43031

Jack Norton
2386 SE Patio Circle
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

George Kaiser
311 W. Oak Lane
Glenolden, PA 19036




 !!! NOTICE !!!
For some this may be the last newsletter you will receive in the mail !!!!
     Recent changes in postal regulations have caused us to consider various options concerning the mailing of the newsletter.  Besides the increase in postal rate and annual bulk mail permit fees, the regulation now calls for a mailing at least every 95 days to maintain eligibility for bulk mailing rates.  What this means to us is at least 4 newsletters have to be produced each year and the dates for publishing all newsletters have to be changed to comply with the “once every 95 days minimum” requirement.  Our renewal date for bulk mailing permit is in November.  The target dates for future newsletters to be mailed will be 01 November, 01 February, 01 May and 01 August of each fiscal year until such time as regulations dictate a change and/or we find it no longer economically feasible to continue with the bulk mailing.
      Over the past 8 years, we have strived to keep mailing the newsletter to all 900 shipmates we have on the “found crew member” list even though only about 20% or so have supported the organization by being Active Members and paying the small annual dues.
      In light of the postal regulation changes and with the rising costs of producing the newsletter, we have, after much discussion, came to the conclusion that the number of newsletters being mailed has to be reduced.  
    To accomplish this we have decided that those shipmates who have been Active Members will continue to receive the newsletter in the mail,  those who haven’t supported the Association, won’t.  It was decided that this is the only logical and fair  way of determining who does and who doesn’t get a newsletter in the mail. 
     Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis by written request of the crewmember with a brief explanation of why they are requesting exception.  The Executive Board will then make a decision and inform the shipmate of that decision.  All information provided by the shipmate concerning their request for exception will be held in confidence and not shared with anyone outside of the Executive Board.
    The newsletter will still be available to everyone on the web site.
Very Respectfully, 
  The Executive Board

From our President: This year’s Reunion is almost here.  Only a couple of weeks before the registration cut-off date.  If you have not already sent yours in, NOW is the time  to get the registration form in the mail to Jim.  So go dig out your June newsletter, pull out the form, fill it in and mail it with your check TODAY!  No longer have the form?  It is still available on the web site.  Go to, click on the 2008 Reunion button and then on the Ship’s Bell.  At the bottom of the information page is the button to the registration form.  See you in Cincinnati!

New Finds:  Anthony Liotti, SN, ‘71

Honor Roll:  Morgan Anderson, SA, ‘51; John Keenan, ME2, ‘46; Donald Kallay, S2c, ‘46; Samuel Fox, RDM3c, Plank Owner;  Albert Dunn, S1c, Plank Owner and James Posney, RM2, ‘52
    We wish to express our deepest sympathy and most sincere condolences to their family and friends.

Web Site:  Have added a few more pictures from the 50’s including some of the “smokers”.  They were sent into us by the daughter of one of our shipmates who we recently learned had passed away.  Since she does not know who any of the shipmates in the pictures are, we could use some help in identifying them.  If you recognize anyone, please e-mail me the information.  Just let me know which picture it is, they all have unique numbers assigned.
Ron Zimmerman Sr.,

From the desk of the Vice President:    Well, Reunion time is just around the corner and as promised I would give you more information such as directions to get there if you’re driving!! So here they are:
        From Lexington/ Louisville- I-75 North to exit 186(Buttermilk Pike) Right at the exit, Left at 1st light onto Royal Dr.
From Dayton – I-75 South to exit186 (Buttermilk Pike) Left at the exit, Left at 2nd light onto Royal Dr
From Cleveland/ Columbus- I-71 South through Cincinnati merging with I-75 South to exit 186(Buttermilk Pike)Left off the exit, Left at the 2nd light onto Royal Dr
From Indianapolis- I-74 East to I-75 South to exit186 (Buttermilk Pike) Left off the exit, Left at the 2nd light onto Royal Dr.
From Huntington WV- I-64 west to I-75 north to exit 186(Buttermilk Pike) Right off the exit, left at the 1st light onto Royal Dr.
From Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport- I-275 East to I-75 North to exit 186(Buttermilk Pike), right off the exit, left at the 1st light onto Royal Dr.
    The Drawbridge Inn has a free airport shuttle.  The phone # is 859-344-3841 or toll free 1-800-426-3841.
    Since the last newsletter the band originally scheduled had to cancel due to many reasons, but my contact with them put me in touch with another band that plays the same style music, they are called the “CINCY ROCKERS” and actually sound better than my first choice!
    And lastly in regards to the reunion the bank is still open ‘til Aug. 18
th which gives me a 30 day window to finalize everything. As a plus there is plenty of parking for all you who decide to drive.
    Membership is moving along quite well. After sending out a gentle reminder to a few of you, our paid membership is at 148.   Those of you who have yet to send in your dues, there is still plenty of time to get them in before the reunion.  And yes, I will be accepting dues money at the reunion for those who prefer to pay there.
As an added note if any of you are planning to move or have moved and still are receiving forwarded mail, PLEASE send us your address so we won’t lose you. That about wraps this up!
Jim Dunno
      Vice President & Membership Chairman

Secretary Report:  Shipmates, we are looking forward to seeing you, so we hope you are planning on joining us in Cincinnati, Sept. 17 - 21.
    Our next bulk mailing of the November newsletter will have new requirements from the Post Office that needs to have updated addresses.  So, if you are going to have a change to your address, please let us know, either by e-mail, mail, or a phone call to one of the Association Officers listed on the front page.  Better yet, join the USS Great Sitkin Association and as a member, we will be sure you get your newsletter.
    We are making progress on the 2009 reunion in Boston.  With all the shipmates we have in the Northeast and since we have not had a northern location for our September reunion, we are hoping for a large turnout.  We have a signed contract with a great hotel in the Boston area, the Sheraton Braintree, which is one of the Starwood hotels.  The excellent price we received and our planned itinerary will be announced at the upcoming reunion.  Ron, Sally, Pat and I with help from Boston member Vince Albanese and others in the Boston area will be working on finalizing what we hope will be a very memorable reunion.
    I am again asking if any of our shipmates have a humorous or interesting story that happened while aboard the Sitkin to share with your shipmates for a future newsletter.

Jack Norton

Treasurer’s Report:  It’s been a busy summer for me so for this edition I will forgo my usual Repair 3 article and just touch on my Treasurer’s job.
    With the economy slowing, so has sales of our Ship’s Store items.  We are still doing OK but we can see the effect that gas prices have had on disposable cash.  If that has delayed your purchase, that’s OK shipmates.  We have plenty of good quality  merchandise available and know when things get better for you that you’ll be sending in your orders.  
    For those attending the Cincinnati Reunion, I will be bringing Ship’s Store items with me for those who would like to purchase them there.  And don’t forget ladies, we now have Great Sitkin polo shirts for you also.  My wife, Mary, and a few of the other wives have already purchased their shirts and love them. 
Hope to see you all in Cincinnati!
George Kaiser

You asked We have received the following questions or comments from shipmates and thought we would share them with you along with our reply:

QUESTION: Suggestion, keep “News” in the Newsletter.  Don’t publish simple sea stories that have little interest to many people whatsoever.
REPLY:  Since the Fall of 2000 when we changed the format of the newsletter we have published 23 editions.  Numerous times we have asked shipmates to send in articles with only a very few responding.  The rest of the articles are all written by the executive board members or we have extracted shipmates comments from the Visitor Logs.  Believe me, after writing that many articles without receiving assistance from crewmembers, it starts getting tough to fill the newsletter with items of interest.  Since having meaningful items in the newsletter is important to you, we look forward to your article for the next one due out in November.  The article should be sent to the Association’s Secretary who is also our Editor.

COMMENT:  Ship’s Store merchandise for sale section is a waste of time.  Chances are most of the items are made in foreign countries.  If merchandise is not made in the USA, don’t sell it.  It’s junk.
REPLY:  This comment is somewhat on target about where a couple of the products are made.  The shirts and the hats are “assembled” from US or Canadian material in another country as stated on the manufactures tag.  The end product is sold by the US company to US wholesalers and retailers.  We buy the hats and shirts from the retailers who also do the embroidery work on them.  The retailers we are using are small businesses some of which are veteran owned.  We try to buy totally American made goods, but in this day and age, that is not always possible and still be able to afford the items.  All one has to do is go to their own closet and look at the labels on the clothes they bought from US companies with American brand names on the label. 
      The rest of the merchandise we sell in the ship’s store is not junk made overseas.  The coffee cups are manufactured by a company in PA that supplies the Navy exchange and a good many of our ships and shore stations with the same style of mug.  The patches and pins are made by a NY company owned by a fireman.  The vinyl decals are made by a retired military man’s company in AZ.  So, as you can see, your comments are a little off base on this matter but thank you for taking the time to express your concerns.

The Executive Board

Looking for shipmates:  Hi, I am the daughter of James Posney who was a Great Sitkin crewmember from August of 1952 until November of 1954.  His rank was RM2.  My Dad died 7 years ago from cancer. He had several other health problems aside from that along with suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for a good 20 years.  All in all though, he was a trouper.  Always a smile – always a kind word – and always the joker.  I hope you can remember him.  I’m sure if you knew him, you would remember him.  He liked to smile, liked to see others smile and certainly liked his beer!!!!!!  After he got out of the service, he and my Mom got married – a few years later I came along.  I am an only child.  He always talked about his years on the ship and told me a lot of his travels, the places he’d seen and the fun all of you had together as a group.  He was only 69 when he passed seven years ago. 
    I guess today I am reflecting on him wishing he was here to tell more stories.  But he’s not.  I was hoping that possibly one of you had some photos of him.  I can remember a few names... Eisele is one of them.  I believe they were friends – I think he even came to my parent’s wedding (hitchhiked no doubt!!!). 
    I would be very grateful if anyone who had some photos if you could send them to me.  I would be more than happy to pay for any reproduction costs, postage, etc.  Just let me know how much and I will send it to you.  My Mom and I would really be appreciative.  Here is my postal and e-mail addresses.  I hope you can remember my Dad. He was a GREAT guy.  His laughter made the world a better place.  He is sadly missed by us.

Kim Posney Gintner
134 Arla Drive
Pittsburgh, PA  15220

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