Summer 2002                                                                                                                    July 15, 2002

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Ron Zimmerman Sr.
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Doug Hauser
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George Kaiser
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USS Great Sitkin Association
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Omaha, NE.
5th - 8th Sept.




2002 Reunion Update: by Doug Hauser
  Reunion 2002 is ready to go, all we need is your presence for a good time for all. We will have time in the nice Hospitality Room and again there will be snacks, coffee and cold drinks much like last year in Mobile. Time is growing short before once again we will be meeting friends and shipmates and their wives and friends.
  Being this reunion is not in my back yard so to speak, I need to have an idea how many will be coming as soon as possible. I have a contract with a bus company for two of the tours in the reunion package. As of today I have seating for 133 people, which I hope we fill all the seats or need more room. But if we don’t need all the seating I will have to cancel at least 15 working days prior to the Reunion or we get charged $100.00 for canceling if after that. I need to know by at least August 15, 2002.
My wife Kathy and I believe we have a reunion that all or maybe all will enjoy, I know it is hard to please everyone. The hotel and Hospitality room are beautiful. For the Banquet room we have the whole 19th floor, and again this year we will have a DJ for music and dancing after dinner.
We also have a couple optional tours which will be affordable if you choose to take them. All the information is included in this newsletter, so look it over.
  If you are coming, make sure you make a selection for the dinner train. Gentleman coat and tie for this, and women a dress or pantsuit. This is a very nice Dinner Train and the dress code is their request.
  I do have transportation furnished for all tours so if your wondering if you have to drive, you don't.
  Adding a little humor: A Family That Plays Together Stays Together.
  I know many of you didn’t get my All Hands E-mail, but the wife and I are NasCar fans, & the four famous words are Gentleman Start Your Engines. To you all here is my version for the Reunion: Gentleman Break Out your Checkbook and make that check out today if your coming to the reunion. The Bank is open and ready for business, in fact 3 have already paid.
  If for any reason you can not make it you will get a full refund. With the tragedy that happen last year all those folks who could not make it, their checks were in the mail the following day when I got home. I pray we never have another thing like that happen in this country again. Also by paying some now makes it easier on the pocket book in September. Thank you in advance for your support and hope to see many of you in Omaha Nebraska.
2003 Reunion: by Doug Hauser
  We need help from you gentleman in Hosting a Reunion in 2003, the 30th Anniversary of her decommissioning. Even though I have had a lot of fun the last 2 years, I don’t want to be doing this every year. I know there many who could do this and I also know your wives would be more than happy to work with you . We do need the women involved also as this is a part of there lives also.
  Dorothy Hodnichak had started this type of reunion in Cleveland , and I thought it was a great idea. We need the women to motivate the men in coming , but we need something for the woman to do beside sit around and listen to sea stories. I love Sea Stories but we do need something for all to do. I want you all to remember we can not please all, but we try.
  Being I am listed as reunion coordinator in various magazines and web sites, I get many packages of information from all over the country mailed to me. If any of the following is in your area and you would like to host a reunion, please contact me, I would be glad to help you with putting a package together. They are as follows:
Daytona Beach Shores, FL - Treasure Island Resorts
New Jersey - Four Points Barcelo Hotel
North Carolina - Holiday Inn Sun Spree
Hemdon, VA - Hyatt Hotel (close to Washington DC )
Philadelphia, PA. (Have a few hotels that might be good)
Niagara Falls, NY
Des Moines, IA
There are more in NC , VA, PA, IL and a few other places. This is just to list a few, but you may find one out your back door. Just keep 3 things in mind; transportation, Hotels with a good size hospitality room and banquet hall, and look for possible tours. So if interested contact me Please.
Election of Officers: The Association Charter calls for the election of officers each year with the election to coincide with the annual reunion. All positions are up for election each year and officers may be re-elected. The March newsletter outlined the eligibility requirements for serving as an officer and the right to vote. At that time nominations for office were called for with the following results:
2002 - 2003 Election Slate
Ron Zimmerman (reelection)

Vice President:
Doug Hauser (reelection)

George Kaiser (reelection)
Web site update: by Ron Zimmerman
  A lot of changes have been made to the web site since the March update. Due to the increasing size of the Cruises page and with it the increase in download time, we had to make some revisions so you guys wouldn’t fall asleep waiting for the pictures to appear.
  To help solve this problem, a Ship’s Library was created, located in the Crew’s Lounge. There you will find books with pictures of the different cruises, the ship and also a scrap book. Once inside the Crew’s Lounge, just “click” on one of the books and you’ll be taken to that topic.
  This has reduced the amount of time it takes for the pages to “open” and allows me more flexibility in adding new pictures to the site.
  I have also added a new section - Sea Stories & Memoirs. This is your chance to get your favorite memory of the time you served aboard on the web pages. Now remember guys, keep it clean, this site is visited by others! Stories for this page need to be sent to me at either address shown in the newsletter.
  Lets us know what you think of the changes. Your comments are always welcome.
New Finds: 12 more of our shipmates have been located since the last report. These new finds are: Frederic Ross, YNSN, ‘63;  Peter Stevens, LTjg, ‘60;  James Kurczodyna, SN, ‘68;  Robert Rosia, SN, ‘55;  James Baze, BT1, ‘64;  John Torres, PN3, ‘72;  Albert Pierson, YN3, ‘67
N. Paul Pope Jr., LTjg, ‘59;  Edward Carpenter, MM3, ‘48;  James Wasklewicz, MM2, ‘63;  Gerald DeRoche, MM3, ‘53;  Dennis Domansky, MM3, ‘57
Found - Now Lost: While this list has shrunk this time, the list of bad e-mails keeps growing. The following is the list of shipmates we have lost contact with recently:  Kenneth Holtzer,  A.J. Kirkreit,  Clay Hammersla
  In addition, the following is the list of shipmates who have had e-mail messages returned to us:  Harry Gerhard,  Richard Hatfield,  Walter Beilfuss,  Bruce McLemore,  John Kane,  Chris Niemer,  Allen Metzger,  Joseph Skoczynski,  Mike Wytannis,  Charles Stephanski,  Alex Paszly,  Fred Ross,  Harry Lukens,  Peter Gaedeke,  Mickey Doyle,  Tyrone Patrick,  Fred Kammerdiener,  Rex Hess
  Please remember to inform us of your change of address (postal or e-mail) so we can keep our records up to date. If you do not wish to be on our mailing lists, please also let us know that and we will remove your name. ALL changes of address (postal or e-mail) should be sent to the following addresses:
Ron Zimmerman
c/o All Star Management Co.
1000 SE Everett Mall Way #206
 Everett, WA 98208
Honor Roll: Several more of our shipmates have passed on. All have been added to the list for the Memorial Ceremony at the next reunion and also to the Honor Roll page of the web site. They are:
Earl Sizelove, RD2, ‘58;  Leo Shafer, SA, ‘54;  Lloyd Donovan, SN, ‘52;  Roger Branch, BM2, ‘58;  Norman Gage, Capt, ‘55;  Norman Foote, SA, ‘54;  James Putman, GMG3, ‘66;  Donald Klages, LT, ‘55
Membership Dues: By Doug Hauser
  First I want to thank you for your support in paying your dues, and for those of you who have not yet become an active member please join and try to make the Reunion. The first class mail goes up June 30th, I believe so the cost is rising again. Many of you have paid your 2002 dues but that ends September 1st, 2002. Dues will be collected at the reunion for the 2003 dues year. Please pay by check at the Reunion so we do not have to carry so much cash around , but if cash is all you have it will be accepted.
  To vote on the Reunion site for next year and the election of officer's you have to have paid your dues for 2003 before the meeting. A lot of you are already ahead and are paid for 2003. To those who have, Thank You, it is very much appreciated.
Special note :
  If you send money for the Reunion Package, do not include dues payment in your check. Please send your money for dues by separate check. I forward all checks for dues to George Kaiser after I get your cards in the mail. It will be less confusing on my reunion account so I would appreciate your help here. Again thank you.
Sea Stories, Memoirs & Comments: by Ron Zimmerman
  Last issue we started including comments we have received from some of you. As I mentioned earlier we have also started a new section to the web site for Sea Stories and Memoirs. While we can not put all that we receive in the newsletter, we will include as many as we can. Rather than repeat the stories here, go check out the "Crew Memoirs & Sea Stories" Book in the "Ship's Library".
          From Our Shipmates:
“Thanks Doug for the quick response. I was on board Sitkin back in ‘47 at age 18 as an ETM3. My Dad had been career Navy before me and retired as a Chief Blacksmith. How about that? I loved my four years aboard AE-17. Traveled all over the place bringing back WWII ammunition that had been stashed all over Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Had a couple of fires on board in the process. Whoo! Talk about getting one’s adrenalin flowing! I enjoy reading your informationals, my friend. Keep up the good work.”  from Robert Niederer ‘47
Secretary/Treasurers Report: By George Kaiser
  OK guys, how is it going? Hope this issue of the newsletter finds everyone well, and...planning on COMING TO THE REUNION! Doug and Kathy are again pulling out the stops for a good time at Omaha Beach, (had to been in Mobile to know what that means) and seeing how its dead smack in the center of America, it’s close to everybody, right? If you have never come to one, why not make this the first? I know I had misgivings about going to Cleveland in 2000, but now I don’t think my wife and I would miss it.
  Another item I’ve brought up earlier was the concept of chartering a bus from the Northeast to ride as a group to the reunion. Well, it seems that to rent a bus would cost about $185 a person. So, forget that idea. We will be driving out again.
  Next, I really want to again put the bug in the ear for guys from the 1965 to 1973 gang. Wouldn’t it be great to see that guy that snored in your ear every night for 3 years? Or how about to see SFM3 Ed Hart and remember his one eyed bear that woke you up for mid watch?
  How about some money talk? The memberships are coming in hot and heavy. It looks like the split of having VP Doug handle the applications and the ships store being done by me is working out very well. I feel, however, that I need to make an explanation of how our checking account works. We have free checking through a local bank in the Philadelphia area. One of the “unwritten” requirements of the account is a low volume of transactions. It was suggested that we try to hold our deposits to 2 a month, and only write 3 to 6 checks a month. So, when you send a dues check to Doug, please realize that the check goes from him to me, than I’ll hold them until either the 1st or 15th of the month to deposit. And for orders from the ships store, we have to wait until the check clears to send out your order. When you order something, please plan on 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
  Speaking of Ships Store, don’t forget guys that we have a lot of good stuff. T-shirts, Ball Caps (red and blue) and really neat decals for your car, truck, or where ever. We’ve also just got a new order of pins in (pictured in this edition). By the reunion, we will have patches too. As a side note, our pins and patches are made for us by a New York City Firefighter that operates the patch business as a side line. So even our ships store continues the NYC connection.
  Well, I guess I’ll wrap this up for now. Next time you hear from me will be in Omaha, Nebraska. See you there!
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