Angelo's Murder Mystery:
The group enjoyed a well prepared meal, followed by a murder mystery where the audience participated in solving the murder of  Iowna Mann.  Here are some photos of the Great Sitkin Detectives at work.
 Honor Ceremony & Naval Station Norfolk Tour :
The Saturday tour to Naval Station Norfolk started with a ceremony to honor those of our shipmates that we have learned had passed away since the last reunion.  The ceremony was held in the Naval Station Norfolk Chapel and was conducted by the Association Chaplin, Mark Rucker.  Shipmate Charlie Ross assisted Mark and read one of the poems he had written.  At the conclusion, the group boarded the buses for a tour of the Naval Station.  For security reasons, photo-ops was severely restricted. After the tour of the base, the group headed for the Chief Petty Officer's Club for lunch.  There was a little delay in getting into the club, but the wait was worth it.  Good food and pleasant atmosphere.  After lunch, the group boarded the buses and headed for a tour of Norfolk and the General MacArthur Memorial.
  Someone did manage to
get a couple of good
shots of the Navy's newest super carrier - the
USS Ronald Regan
Lunch at the
CPO Club:
General MacArthur
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