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22nd Annual Reunion
September 10th - 14th
Nashville, TN
Wayne Agee,  Concord, NC
Fred Applegate, Bay Head, NJ
Ronald Berg, Palm City, FL
David Blansett, Honey Grove, PA
Jame (Jay) Bryant, Waxahacie, TX
Kenneth Carlson, Danbury, CT
Walter Carlson, Sebastian, FL
James Connallon,  Toms River, NJ
Jim Duno,  Johnstown, OH
Fred Gallagher, Lexington, SC
John Glenn, Waynesboro, VA
Doug Hauser,  Montgomery, AL
Edward Herbst,  Bloomingdale, NJ
Dorothy Hodnichak (H),  Euclid, OH
Nick Huzinec,  Bridgewater, NJ
George Kaiser,  Glenolden, PA
John Kelly Jr, Southampton, NY
Fred Kiesel, Vero Beach, FL
Bill Manning, Hernando, MS
Gene McNeill,  Cleveland, TN
George Mitchell, Hudson, NY
Ed O'Brien, Edwards, CO
Alex Paszly,  Greenwich, CT
Carl Peck,  Greenwich, CT
James Perko,  Barnegat Light, NJ
Joseph Rios, Vacaville, CA
Dennis Ripple, Monroe Falls, OH
Mark Rucker,  Springfield, OH
William Swiecicki, Wakefield, MA
Joseph Theisen, Plainedge, NY
Phil Tinnes, Mechanicsburg, PA
Ron Zimmerman Sr,  Port St. Lucie, FL
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Holiday Inn
Oprey Land/Airport


Wednesday, September 10th, Welcome Reception:  “Arrival and Welcome” by the Association at the Holiday Inn Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.  A variety of food and refreshments were available for all.  The Hospitality Room, lounge and the onsite and local restaurants provided plenty of opportunity for the Sitkin people to get together and talk. 


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