USS Great Sitkin (AE-17) Association
Active Membership

    Active Member status in the USS Great Sitkin (AE-17) Association is open to all crew members.  Dues are $20.00 per year and are used to cover the cost of the newsletters, web site hosting, domain name, administrative and other expenses.  The membership year is 1 January through 31 December.  
    Membership cards will be issued to all crew members paying dues and will identify the individual by name, expiration date and number of years of Active Membership.
    Payment of dues is not required to participate in any official function of the association but is required for being an Active Member.  Notices pertaining to dues will be posted on the web site and in the newsletters.  Active Members must have their dues paid prior to the annual meeting each year in order to retain their status and eligibility to vote.

To become an Active Member of  the USS Great Sitkin (AE-17) Association, please complete the application form and send it along with a check made payable to the USS Great Sitkin (AE-17) Association to:

USS Great Sitkin (AE-17) Association
c/o George Kaiser
311 W. Oak Lane
Glenolden, PA 19036

Click here for application form  

Last updated on: 12/09/16