The Beginning
North Carolina Shipbuilding Company, Wilmington, NC
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Please note:  These pictures are not specifically of the USS Great Sitkin.  They are pictures of the construction of  Liberty, C2, AKA and other military type ships built by the North Carolina Shipbuilding Company.  Between May of 1941 and April 1946 they built 243 merchant type ships including the USS Great Sitkin (AE-17), their 197th ship.  The pictures are included here to pay tribute to the hard working men and women who supported the war effort on the home front.
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  The Shipwrights
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(The following 2 pictures are photocopies taken from the January 21, 1945 edition of the Wilmington Sunday Star-News.  The picture of Miss Dimond is courtesy of the New Hanover County Public Library, Wilmington, NC.  The photo copy of the news article that accompanied the picture is courtesy of the J. Y. Joyner Library North Carolina Collection, East Carolina University , Greenville, NC. 
U.S. Naval Station, Charleston, SC
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While She Sailed

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POD 7 Dec 1945
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POD  4 May 1954


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POD 4 May 1954

Memo from CO - '60
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POD 30 Jun 1969
Happy Birthday!
Ship's Birthday 1972
sitkin010a.jpg (99181 bytes) sitkin010b.jpg (79730 bytes) After collision with USS Midway in Gibraltar
Collision with
USS Midway


1953 Jim Pino with Italian orphans
Jim Pino feeding Italian orphans - 1953


Ship's Menu
Christmas 1955
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Change of Command
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Over the side
painting -1952

Ship's newspaper
from Radio Central
"The NUID". 
Nov 1963

Change of Command
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Swabbing the decks. - 1954
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Waiting for Personnel Inspection
Pier 26 New York City - 1952
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Pier 26 New York City - 1952
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Leaving New York Harbor,
Pier 26 - cir. 1957

(photo ID courtesy of George Schnyer, 
area ID courtesy of George Mitchell) 

Pier side Bayonne - cir. 1970


Main Gate Military Ocean Terminal,
Bayonne - Feb. '75
(courtesy Bayonne Free Public Library)
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Floating Dry Dock, Todd Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, NY - April 1970
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DCFN George Kaiser at bow in Dry Dock - Todd Naval Shipyard,
Brooklyn, NY - April 1970 

Firing Exercise - Twin 20mm
cir. '48

40MM Mount - cir. '48

Brooklyn Navy Yard - cir. '48

New York Harbor - cir. '48

USS R.K. Huntington (DD-781)
Pierside, MOTBY cir '70

Awards Ceremony,
Athens, Greece
Med cruise 1971
Capt Rohrer & BT3 Jim Dunno

Personnel Inspection - 1958

Engine Room view from
Boiler section - '59

Throttleboard - cir. '49


Fireroom, cir. '49


#2 Boiler Mascot - cir 1971

Crews Lounge - '57

Ship's Post Office "Cancellation Stamp" 1953

Letterhead Stationary 1953
"Home Sweet Home"- cir '72
"casket" style bunk - mattress on the lid, lots of storage in the box - well at lease more than the old wall lockers had.

The 2 news articles to the left were about the ship returning from the Cuban Missile Crisis blockade. Click on the picture for a larger view.



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Military Ocean Terminal Bayonne (MOTBY)
Bayonne, NJ
Art work used by Zippo Lighter Co., cir. 1970's
Art work used by Zippo Lighter Co., cir. 1970's
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New York skyline 1972

Ship's Patch, cir. 1970's
AEPlaque.jpg (72331 bytes)
Ship's Plaque, cir. 1972
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Ship's Shoulder Patch

Ship's Patch, cir. '68
Viet Nam / WESTPAC Cruise
(compliments of RM3 Larry Dulin)
Postcard.jpg (11229 bytes)
Ship's store postcard - cir '57
(courtesy Larry Teeter)
Postcard52.jpg (31629 bytes)
Picture Postcard cir. '52
(compliments of BM2 Herb Cason)

Decal purchased from Ship's Store cir. '57
(compliments of MM3 Dennis Domansky)

Cartoon drawn by unknown shipmate
Brent Screw Incident

Engine "Patti" - 1972


Ship's Photo Card Holder, back was
a "Track Chart" - cir. '57

US Geological Survey maps of
Great Sitkin Volcano
The End
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AE17DCMSG.jpg (146649 bytes) 
"Navy News" message - Spring '73
sitkin043.jpg (29265 bytes)
Personnel Barge tied astern - June '73
(compliments WO McClane - wife Patti in foreground)

Engine Room - Christmas 1972

Pierside Bayonne, NJ prior to Decommissioning 
sitkin007.jpg (138440 bytes)  sitkin008.jpg (161773 bytes)  sitkin009.jpg (37123 bytes)News Article
News article from Philadelphia Inquirer, Sept. '74
Scrapping of USS Great Sitkin (AE-17)

This plaque was placed on the ship at the time it was built.  It is one of the few items of the ship that is still in existence.  It is stored by the Dept of the Navy, Historical Branch
          These news articles about the death of the ship's sponsor were courtesy of Mr. Bruce Merrell, Alaska Bibliographer, Z. J. Loussac Public Library, Anchorage Municipal Libraries, Anchorage Alaska.
We appreciate his research on Ms. (Dimond) Reilly and providing the Association with the information on who she was and part of her life.  Without his efforts, this historical information about the lady who christened the ship would not have been known.



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